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    Neil & Mariano (Sunday, 06 June 2010 05:22)

    Tokyo Station Tips

    As of June 2010, the side of Tokyo Station where the Narita Express and Marunouchi Metro Line are located is under major renovation making some of the overhead direction signs inaccurate or missing. We recommend taking a taxi to the apartment (about 1800 yen) from Tokyo Station rather than the Metro.

    Narita to Apartment: Narita Express to Tokyo Station. Follow the signs to the North Marunouchi Exit (not to Marunouchi Metro Line). Some of these signs will have a taxi symbol on them. When you get to the exit you will find it boarded up for construction. Keep walking a little farther and there will be a set of Metro entry/exit turnstyles and a manned booth at one end. Go to the booth, show him your NEX ticket and ask him to let you through to get a taxi. He will speak enough english to understand. Then you will follow the corridor and Taxi symbol directions to the taxi stand. Biei can provide you with directions in Japanese to give the cab driver to get to the apartment.

    Returning to Narita: Taxis are plentiful on the street in front of the apartment all day and evening, but Biei will help you reserve one if you wish. Tell the taxi driver you want to go to the Central Marunouchi Exit at Tokyo Station. Again it's a good idea to have Biei write it out for you in Japanese. As you are coming in to the station you will immediately see a direction sign for NEX. Just follow the signs and in a few minutes you are there. You will pass a JR ticket office where you will need to get your ticket if you have RailPass or there are ticket machines at the NEX platform. Allow about 30 mins from the apartment for travel and purchasing your NEX ticket.

    If you get lost or confused in any station but particularly in the labyrinths like Tokyo and Shinjuku stations, you can go any of these booths at entry/exit points to get directions in english.

    Also note that the Shinkansen, regular JR Lines, Narita Express and Marunouchi Metro are all in separate distinct parts of the Tokyo Station complex and can be 100 or more meters apart.

    Enjoy Tokyo!